11 August 2023
A Forward-Looking Global Vision, A Bridge Connecting Global Business - Bridges Powered by Equiom
Bridges, in collaboration with RD, can provide customers with RD Wallet services, greatly simplifying the account opening process.

In today's increasingly globalized business environment, Bridges Powered by Equiom meets the needs of domestic and foreign enterprise customers with its more than 20 years of rich experience.

Bridges provides a one-stop solution from company establishment, secretarial services, accounting to bank account opening arrangement services. Its clients span across the globe. In meeting global business needs, Bridges not only demonstrates its professional strength and profound heritage, but also grasps the trend of digital transformation. It actively integrates financial technology, such as RD Wallet, into its service process to promote the advancement of Hong Kong's financial services. Through innovative digital solutions, it offers customers a more efficient service experience.

RD Wallet - Global Enterprise Mobile Financial Services

In the face of changes in business operation models caused by the pandemic, Bridges Powered by Equiom actively took this opportunity to further optimize its service process. Bridges advances local financial services by recommending financial technologies such as RD Wallet to customers. In the past, opening a bank account required a complicated and tedious process, and required all directors to be present in person. However, now, Bridges, in collaboration with RD, can provide customers with RD Wallet services, greatly simplifying the account opening process.


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RD Wallet is available to businesses registered in over 190 countries and regions^, including sole proprietorships, partnerships and limited companies registered in Hong Kong, as well as limited companies registered outside of Hong Kong^ (except businesses and companies registered in Mainland China). Also available to businesses with owners, shareholders and directors who are holders of Hong Kong Identity Card, China Identity Card and international passport. Current customers can complete the entire setup process remotely, saving a lot of time and resources.


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^Subject to successful completion of corporate identity verification on RD App and RD Wallet's internal approval procedures, which include but not limited to the provision of entity and business information in English for company search. Terms and conditions apply. Actual account opening time may differ depending on individual circumstances.

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