14 May 2024
Recap and Insights from Money20/20 Asia 2024: Deep Exploration of Globalization Development, RD Technologies Seizes New Opportunities in Asia
The globally leading fintech exhibition, Money20/20 Asia, was held in Bangkok, Thailand from April 23rd to 25th this year. RD Technologies was invited to attend the exhibition, showcasing our business, vision, and determination to drive fintech innovation and development in Asia.


Money20/20 Asia brought together fintech professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders from Asia and around the globe to collectively explore and shape the latest trends, technologies, and strategies in the future of fintech and financial services. 


RD Technologies seized the valuable opportunity to connect with industry elites from around the world, establishing connections and expanding networks with potential global partners. RD Technologies firmly believes that amidst the thriving economy and trade in the Asian region, the RD Wallet can provide a trustworthy and compliant cross-border payment solution for businesses in Asia and beyond. Through face-to-face interactions with financial institutions, entrepreneurs, and investors from around the world, they explored collaboration opportunities and gained insights into the latest market trends and demands. Through forums, RD Technologies deepened their understanding of the Asian market, which helped them further refine product features and cater to user experiences in different regions. This will expand RD Technologies' influence in Hong Kong, Asia, and even globally.


RD Technologies' CEO, Rita LIU (劉宇), also delivered a speech at Money20/20 Asia, emphasizing the critical role of "stablecoins" in the digital economy. By bridging traditional finance (TradFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi), stablecoins promote financial inclusivity and provide various flexible solutions such as cross-border payments. As a key infrastructure of Web3, stablecoins aim to leverage a trusted Hong Kong dollar stablecoin to drive growth and bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3. 



RD Technologies' participation in the Money20/20 Asia forum marks an important step in our commitment to driving financial technology innovation. With the development of Web3, RD Technologies will continue to play a significant role in advancing the digital transformation of the financial industry. They will remain dedicated to developing innovative solutions to address increasingly complex market demands and provide customers with more compliant, efficient, and personalized services. Additionally, RD Technologies will continue to collaborate with partners worldwide to jointly promote the development of Web3 and achieve a more open, secure, and sustainable financial ecosystem. 





In the future, RD Technologies will continue to lead financial technology innovation and make significant contributions to the industry's development. By participating in Money20/20 Asia and establishing connections with partners in the Asian and global markets, RD Technologies will continue to expand its influence in the global fintech landscape. They will create more value for customers and partners, driving the development process of Web3.